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Virtual Private Networking

Providing your employees with a secure, fast, and scaleable means of remotely accessing mission-critical information is a prerequisite for doing business in today's fast-paced information-based economy. Lansend offers the latest in Server Based Computing and Virtual Private Networking technologies, designed from the ground up to help you keep your operations running smoothly - anytime, anywhere.

Vendor Partners:
Compaq, Checkpoint, Cisco, Intel, Digi, & Citrix Microsoft

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide businesses with an affordable and secure means of connecting users and sites over a public network. Indeed, for many smaller businesses, the lower costs associated with implementing a VPN constitute the primary reasons for implementation, but for companies that already have an existing WAN in place, the addition of a separate VPN can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with extending your network to remote locations.

Lansend has developed extensive experience in the area of VPN implementation. Our solutions provide the highest level of security, using advanced encryption and authentication protocols, and are designed with scalability in mind, so your network can grow with your business.